ARMY Pin-iT Card

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The ARMY Pin-iT Card is designed to help you look your best while in uniform. Our patented uniform tool helps you place your U.S Insignia’s, Branch Insignia’s, Ribbons, Badges, Unit Awards, and so much more without the need for continuous measurement.  Our Army Pin-iT Card is made of stainless steel and has etched lines and reference points so that it will last. So say good bye to the ruler because with this Army uniform tool all you have to do is place it and Pin-iT!

The Pin-iT Card is a complete uniform tool that will perfectly place all your uniform items to include nametag, ribbons, insignias, medals, collar devices, as well as your Garrison cover.

  • No measuring required– the Pin-iT Card has perfectly placed holes and lines that make it easy to align to your uniform.
  • Complies to the Uniform Regulations Manual- months went into designing the Pin-iT Card to make sure all the correct lines,measurements, and holes were labeled on the card.
  • Built to Last– The Pin-iT Card is made of durable stainless steel with etched lines so you do no have to worry about it breaking or the paint wearing off.
  • Fits in Your Wallet– the Pin-iT Card was made to fit in your wallet so that you will have it when you need it.